Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inertia Drift

This requires a lot of speed. Approaching a bend you need to decelerate throwing the weight of the car to the front wheels. When the back wheels become light you can steer the front into the bend and let the back wheels drift. Control is maintained with careful steering control and throttle inputs. A good technique to start drifting but requires experience as the speed involved is not very forgiving.

Feint Drift

Requires a feel for the balance of a car and needs you to sense the shockwave of swing as it flows through the car. Coming up to a right hand bend you steer to the left. Then as the back of the car moves left you steer to the right, the back of the car loses traction and starts to drift, then you countersteer and catch the drift. This is a popular technique and is often combined with other techniques, like the clutch kick, to help break the rear traction. Practice this one in large open areas.

Handbrake Drift

The easiest technique, used by beginners and pros to initate a drift and pretty much the only guaranteed way of sliding a FWD (front wheel drive) car (Its still not a proper drift though!). The handbrake is jabbed on causing the rear wheels to lock up and slide. When a slide is attained the handbrake is released allowing more control of the car and preventing too much loss of speed.

Jump Drift

Similar to a Dirt Drop Drift again banned on most tracks. The rear wheels hit the rumble strip at the side of the track. The vibration is enough to upset the delicate balance of grip momentum and traction and the rear of the car slides.

Dirt Drop Drift

This technique is banned on most tracks. You allow the rear wheels to leave the tarmac surface into a lower grip one such as dirt, gravel or grass. The cars speed will remain pretty stable through this technique as the rear tyre friction is much lower.

Clutch Kick Drift How-TO

To make the car start to slide you dip or kick the clutch suddenly causing the car to temporarily lose traction and starting a rear wheel slide whilst on or entering a bend. Effectively using engine braking - when the clutch is dipped engine speed drops when clutch is released the wheels are moving faster than the lower engine speed requires causing a pull and breaking traction. Alternative a blip of the throttle raises the engine speed so when the clutch is released the driven wheels spin faster than they should so traction is broken.

My Frustration About King Of Europe

King of Europe
I think the whole King Of Europe thing, is not how it should be ! Let me start from the begin. I’m from Bulgaria . I live in the capital Sofia , very beautiful city . And we have a big drift community . The thing is that our drifters are one of the best in this part of Europe . We had like last month drift show all over Sofia . The thing that I do not like about The King of Europe contest is that they don’t really choose the best one , but most of the time they choose someone from their own country . And that is something that I hate the most . We have good drifters , for example Todor Dunev . He owns a Nissan 200 SX S13 , and he is a personal friend of mine ( because I used to have a S13 and then there were like 5 in whole Bulgaria ). He has been like I thought 3 time second , not because he is not good enough but because he was in wrong country . In Serbia he was 2nd even when he was much better than the Serbian guy that won. Don’t get me wrong I’m half Serbian , so I do love the folks there , but that is a contest and the best should win ! You can imagine how it would felt if someone from your country came to Bulgaria , when we are holding the King Of Europe contest . And that guy is better than the Bulgarians and that he still does not win ??? Then you get to the point when you ask yourself , what is the point of all this ? This year we had another  disaster this year , our other most famous and best drifter Alex with a red BMW E30 , could not even get to the contest in Greece ! He was fully loaded with his truck . Now in Bulgaria he was weight at the border , the result was almost 4000 kg or 8000 pounds . The allowed weight fir that kind of truck is 4100 kg or 8200 pound . So no problem at the moment , at the Greece crossing he got weight and there was also no problem , but the people on the border explained to the guy that he has to have some spare fuel because there will be none this weekend , because there will be a strike ( that is kind of normal , because the people in Greece are always complaining about something when they have to work ! ). So the guy thought it is better to get some fuel so he bought 80 liters of petrol . After some time he was pulled over by a policeman , that wanted to have him weight . SO they went to the place to get weight , they got him weight and the result was 4073 kg or 8146 pound , that is just under the permitted limit . But the guy said there is a law that has a correction of the cargo , 4100 – 10% =  4058 kg or 8116 pounds . So he was over that weight ! Ok he thought we will pay the fine of 1200 euro and go on . BUT no that was not the case , the policeman asked of registration of the vehicle with witch will be drifted , they gave it to the policeman , but because the guy could not understand English . He thought this is not of the car but of the truck . So they had to go to the police station , the policeman asked Alex that he has to take the car out of the truck and to drive to the station. Alex tried to explain to the the guy that the car is not street legal and it could not be driven on the road . The guy did not understand that , because of his English skills . The final result was a fine for 9200 euro , he manage to pay that after a week . But he did not go to the King Of Europe contest . So that is my frustration about the whole thing that is not done well ! If it will be like this in the future there will be no new people to compete in their contest !